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The Concept of Future Planning

The planning and development of Kampong Bharu will be designed by determining specific development zone according to their future functions.

The concept being designed will be set towards the formation of:

Modern urban space with Muslim-Malay charateristics that emphasises on the tangible and intangible aspects of cultural and heritage.

At the same time, it is able to optimise requirements and physical design of the future without comprimising the responsibility to preserve and conserve the environment.

The components that will be emphasised in the design of Kampong Bharu development are:


The planned development with strive for the best to ensure that the uniqueness of Kampong Bharu will be preserved. Among them are maintaining such unique residence units by relocating them to suitable locations to be used again as a business space, boutique concept shop, tourism information centre etc. Such is one of the good efforts in preserving the image of Kampong Bharu in the future.

Heritage buildings and unique buildings such as the Pakistan Mosque, Sultan Sulaiman Club and Gurdwara Sahib should also be given attention.

Preservation of road names that have significant historical values such as Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Jalan Raja Muda Musa, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Jalan Raja Alang, Jalan Raja Bot, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman, Jalan Raja Uda, Jalan Haji Hussin, Jalan Daud and Jalan Haji Yaakob will also be addressed.


The planned development should be balanced with the need to create and present the greenery aspects through the preservation and planting of trees, creation of main parks, neighbourhood parks, landscaped spaces etc. Planning which prioritised the blend of blue (river) and green is very important in creating an attractive and modern urban space.

In line with the concept of sustainable global development, emphasis on the latest green planning concept i.e. ‘Urban Biodiversity’, ‘Water Sensitive Urban Design’, ‘Energy Efficient Development’, ‘Minimise waste’ and the creation of ‘Green Travel Plan’ will be the main agenda of planning in Kampong Bharu.

Among the target set for the greening of Kampong Bharu is the the creation of 15% open space on land, 15% open space on the roof top/deck, planting of 10,000 suitable trees, absorption of 10 million kg/carbon per year, 2 degrees cooling of built environment and the formation of 2 km promenade/waterfront.


Components of public transport will be the heartbeat in the terms of mobility in the development of Kampong Bharu. The “Central Spine” is proposed to be at the centre of Kampong Bharu development that serves as the path distribution component of pedestrians and vehicles.

The design that gives priority to pedestrians will also connect Kampong Bharu with surrounding areas such as Jalan Tun Razak in the north and Jalan Sultan Ismail in the south. The “Central Spine” will be connected to Jalan Chow Kit and may be beyond the Klang River in the western part in the future. While the network of pedestrian walkway equipped with bicycle passage will be connected to the proposed promenade along the Klang River that will complement the blend of green and blue environment.

The Transit Oriented Development (TOD) which focuses on optimising the existing PUTRA LRT transit station network and the proposed MRT transit station will become the main focus of transportation system in Kampong Bharu. Apart from that, the plan to set a regular circulation around the main routes in Kampong Bharu by the use of bus/tram will also be seen in detail. This comprehensive plan is expected to become the heartbeat that able to offset the creation of modern urban space in the Redevelopment of Kampong Bharu.

The POD (People Oriented Development) target of 50% with specified timing of 5 minutes and POD of 80% at 10 minutes rate is seen as able to make Kampong Bharu as pedestrians friendly.


Square/Plaza/open space that serve to provide room for special and unique cultural, traditional, social, recreational activities etc. will surely attract both locals and tourists. They can also become spaces for interaction or even showcase elements related to the uniqueness of Kampong Bharu, Kuala lumpur and Malaysia as a whole as well as adding values up to the international level.

Among others, they are spaces for planning and implementation of comprehensive programmes which promote appropriate aspects that can become a land mark in developing a creative and innovative urban space. The activities and space being introduced are like those existing in some major city in the world such as in the New Acropolis Museum, Vancouver, Montreal or Venice which are instrumental in expanding the cultural component to the entire city. The kind of experience being set is expected to touch every social and cultural aspects of a community.


The proposed urban space design for Kampong Bharu will concern the aspects of vista and view corridor. The aspects of vista and scenery from Kampong Bharu to surrounding areas will be preserved along with the creation of fascinating atmosphere and high appreciation to the surrounding areas through the proposed orientation and height of buildings.

The interior aspects of vista and view corridor will also not be left out whereby the established urban design will provide spaces for scenery to certain iconic buildings other than direct scenery from the main entrance towards the focal location such as plazas, platforms, open spaces, lakes etc.

Coordination of building orientation and height with design that provide views to the aspects of vista and view corridor is also seen as able to guide for direction to everyone who enter into Kampung Bharu.


Business and commercial components will be designed by taking in account the various aspects of social needs ranging from informal activities to the needs of world class financial tower.

The development of Grade A modern towers with iconic designs of Muslim-Malay features complete with modern infrastructure and infostructure becomes an important agenda in Kampong Bharu development. The role to be played as a centre of world class islamic finance, Education Tourism, Health Tourism, Education and Learning Hub as well as a world class Cultural Centre can be developed.

Night Market Street that focus on informal activities like hawking, selling traditional goods etc. will be created to provide opportunities for people from suitable walks of life. It is seen as able to become the heartbeat of night activities in Kampong Bharu area as if Kampong Bharu has “never sleeps”. Kampong Bharu, also known as the “food paradise” will be further improved as an attraction because it can showcase and serve delicious and quality local and international cuisine.


Development of residential units is an important component in the entire development of Kampong Bharu. Such residences that reflect the whole requirements of all walks of life will be developed. It is not only affordable, resident-friendly but in fact is bulit with competitive quality of services.

The proposed residential areas will also be equiped with modern lifestyle facilities and fascinating landscapes. To optimise the use of land and create easy and safe accessibility, the rearrangement of inappropriate land use in terms of location such as public amenities is done by integrated relocation with respect to the location of residential areas.

The proposal will also focuses on providing a variety of housing like condominiums, townhouses, serviced apartment, detached villas and apartments. ‘Lifestyle’ amenities such as club house, security etc. including Exclusive and Safe environment (Safe City). Apart from that, the character of buildings featuring the Muslim-Malay architecture will be highlighted.


The proposed development of public amenities such as mosque, community hall, library etc. will become the heartbeat that adopt the values of human civilization based on Muslim-Malay values. The method of integrating a facility with other facilities (Integrated Community Centre) is seen as an attraction in creating a modern urban atmosphere which is harmonious and vibrant apart from optimising the use of an area.

Infrastructural facilities like electrical lines, water and telecommunication grid etc. is proposed to be located together at one location for easy maintenance. ‘Common Utility Reserve is a good approach in dealing with this problem.

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